Thursday, January 19, 2012

A Boy and His Bowl

What boy does not like to eat?

Thibby is an "Excellent" eater!!

Not only does Thibby love his supper...

he loves his bowl!!!

When his favorite part of the day is done

that boy will carry his bowl around...

then come bedtime you can bet it won't be too far away!

Sweet Dreams Buddy!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Oh, My it’s October….

The last time we had time  to sit and write…

it was Chloe’s birthday!!!

Since then Thibby turned 2 in March!!!

Take a look back at some

of the Thibbsters baby pictures





5_20_09_006Chloe n Thibb 11 09

Such a handsome lad!



Then after the birthday month…

April comes


With May the temps start to rise



A nap in the A/C with Miss Bobo

As spring turned into summer the days became hotter and hotter

and harder to handle…

Both outdoor loving pups became A/C hounds.

Around the end of August

we started our move back home to the farm in Alabama…




Life at home is VERY

exciting and a lot of work for a young boy!


By the end of the day it’s hard to hold your head up your so tired!


(Thibby falls asleep with his head “propped” on Daddy’s chair)


With the move many activities took place like house renovations which caused all types of excitement…IMG_0768




Then right in the middle of it all

Miss Chloe

had to under go

ACL surgery…


She stayed with Dr. Mooring for a week then it was only leash walking for 3 more weeks…

At first, having to stay in the house was ,

in Chloe’s mind,

just absolutely awful…


(She has always loved outside)


Then we thought of the baby gate so she could be outside watching over her domain from the porch!

With the baby gate up,

Chloe on the porch and Thibby in the yard…

She directed “traffic”.

The least little “woof” from her

Thibby would jump to attention in order to see if something needed

“Run off”…

They make quite a team!


Then Chloe finally got her first day off the leash in the yard!!!


Thibby was Sooo excited!!!

He had been wanting to


with his big sister so much!




Starting out a little slow and easing into it

she walked around the yard…

Then Miss Chloe took a rest…

Till the UPS truck pulled up

then she is out

to the

fence in no time flat, 

fussing and sending up a warning

just like old times!!!

We will stop here for now…

Thibby seems to think it’s a good time for petting…


We’ll see ya later

it’s time for my Daddy

to give me some

Good Pettin’…


Oooh, yea I like a good


rubbin behind the ears!!!


Daddy, don’t quit




You can watch football later, Daddy…

Keep on pettin’ me now!!!

You sure you’re done???

O.K. ……

Momma,…  it’s your Turn to Pet




Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Happy Birthday Chloe !!!


March 9th 2003

Bell’s Chlothilde Lagniappe




10 weeks old and her first night at home…..


Chloe’s first pool…

Boudy teaches her to play..





Chloe is 5 months old…


@ 6 months old Boudreaux

is still teaching her to walk the fence line while guarding the yard…



Chloe turned two among the daffodils…

The Princess loves to smell the flowers…

just like any little girl!


She loved her big “brother”


He was a good big brother and taught her well.


She mourned his passing as hard as we did.

Early that summer we were sent to New Hampshire

and Chloe got to walk on the beach for the first time.


Chloe is there to meet Michael when he first comes home…


She is such a calm and gentle pup,

just great with the little fellow!

nov 2 ridng chloe ice crm 186nov 2 ridng chloe ice crm 185nov 2 ridng chloe ice crm 188

Back in NH the brisk autumn winds and the “Beach Plums” ice cream found favor with Chloe.

09 12 08 04409 12 08 050

December came with the first dustings of snow

and it was time to cut a Christmas tree…

09 12 08 209

09 12 08 21009 12 08 211

Chloe's Koi Pond froze…


more snw 12 17 022

And when the snow began

it snowed and snowed and…

evn more snw 12 19 08 108evn more snw 12 19 08 114evn more snw 12 19 08 118


12 14 mre in 12 21 08 003b

snw & sldn 005snw & sldn 007snw & sldn 016snw & sldn 017snw & sldn 018snw & sldn 023

and snowed.

snw & sldn 026

1 18 09 0381 18 09 0401 18 09 057

Chloe LOVED the COLD & the SNOW…

It was very hard to get her to come inside!

Chloe & lime sherbert 1-20-09 003Chloe & lime sherbert 1-20-09 004

Then there’s the story of Chloe and Her lime sherbet…

(and Daddy thought it was his…., so why did he put it out side the door in the snow?)

2 28 09 154

The last day in February we took a van ride into Vermont…

2 28 09 1592 28 09 169

Chloe LOVES to ride !


3 2 09 016

In March a Nor'easter

blew in

3 2 09 0353 2 09 044

Cold, Windy, and Snow!

She was in hog heaven!

3 2 09 046

4 09 moms day week 849

Then in May

Chloe got a little brother…

4 09 moms day week 8554 09 moms day week 858

5 11 09pm first playttime 0075 11 09pm first playttime 0085 11 09pm first playttime 0095 11 09pm first playttime 011b5 11 09pm first playttime 0135 11 09pm first playttime 0295 11 09pm first playttime 0495 11 09pm first playttime 0725 11 09pm first playttime 0765 11 09pm first playttime 0835 11 09pm first playttime 0855 11 09pm first playttime 104

Which began a whole lot of play time…

6 01 02 09 3546 01 02 09 358

She showed him a lot of things,

how to walk the fence line,

how to keep the pond free of Great Blue Herons, the yard free of turkeys and

the beach…

july 23 24 09 019july 23 24 09 075b

Thibby taught her

“head sitting”

and the meaning of the word  patience…

6 03 09 yard woods 003b

She had a heart to heart with her little big sister,

and was reminded of how

Boudy had shown an enormous amount of patience with her…

and given half a chance

Thibby could turn into a really good little brother, too.

He too is older now & she still watches out for him as if he were her “little” buddy.


Happy Birthday Chloe!

We love you Princess!